Bruno Nelissen | Deffekt | 2013

‘When all is broken then you will go to sleep and I'll dream again so we'll know just what to do – Will we know what to do without certainty and indifference if this mechanism fails – Don't try to fix it because I like it like this and like broken glass it makes a shiny noise – It keeps on turning back and forth all the time and it never stops until finally it does – We twist and crumble our little private dance and I sing softly to myself these deafening clouds

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– It's better when you use this thing differently cause it shouldn't be as opposed to normally – The same as always just going on and on making wonderful problems for the other kids – Since she has started to be reality there's no hurry which makes it strange for me to be – I'll never lose my unceasing unrest just to be sure that you know what it is all about – And one for all and all for none all for me can you call to see if she's gonna be alright – It functions properly but not like you and not like me out of order is how it should be – The head is filled with mail-order damaged goods interacting with all this consciousness below – The hope is false the strings are attached the will is on fire and slowly things fall into place – It's all we ever hear from her crying out for a thousand times then she smashes it to bits – So funny looks are all that we get from them it is fine by me they've just never stared so loud – To use your rocket ship is a good idea since they're onto us and we're far away from love – We cut her wings so she wouldn't walk away but it didn't work as we might have guessed ahead – Sometimes it seems to her things appear in a perfect random way and she doesn't say a word – And they lived happily ever after all this is done with don't forget not to fix the light’ [BN]

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